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Pinnacle VideoSpin

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VideoSpin 1.1 is a versatile Free Video Editing Software that allows you to create your own movies, edit them, ddd sound effects, Import video clips and upload movies directly to websites such as YouTube or Yahoo Video for online sharing. VideoSpin 1.1 has an extremely simple user interface that makes editing videos, adding titles, sound effects and music seem almost effortless. The application comes with 18 customizable title templates and a number of video transitions. VideoSpin 1.1 can export your movies or home Videos to AVI, MPEG, Real, Flash or MPEG-1 formats and is bundled with a 15-day trial for advanced codecs such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX. In case you need to use the advanced codecs after the trial period, they can be purchased at an additional cost. Pinnacle Systems team has taken into account many points from their earlier version while creating this version 1.1 of VideoSpin. This tool is compatible with most of the Windows operating systems, including Windows Vista, and soon it will be available for Linux too.

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  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Direct Upload to Websites
  • User-Friendly GUI


  • Limited Conversion Capabilities (Codecs)
  • Cannot capture videos from tape-based Video Cameras
  • No capability to make CDs or DVDs
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